NYS 30-Hour Remedial Salesperson Qualifying

This course is designed for salespeople licensed before July 1, 2008, who are seeking a broker license.

Students earn a certificate of satisfactory completion, which must be submitted to the NYS Department of State with the broker application.  

  • 30 hours of lecture time
  • A 30-minute review session
  • A 2-hour final exam
    • Passing grade is a 70 or higher. Students who fail may take a make-up exam within five business days; those who fail the make-up may repeat the entire course at a discounted rate (onsite course only).

Before the course, a student must sign a statement indicating that he or she has successfully completed a salesperson qualifying course or received a waiver from the NYS Department of State.

Broker applicants have two options to complete 120 hours of approved education:

  • This 30-hour remedial course, the 45-hour salesperson qualifying course (taken prior to July 1, 2008) and the 45-hour broker qualifying course
  • The 75-hour salesperson qualifying course and the 45-hour broker qualifying course


No NYS qualifying course fulfills the required three hours of fair housing and discrimination instruction for license renewal.


REBNY Member: $170

REBNY Non-member: $230

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the textbook is included in tuition.

  • There are currently no onsite 30 Hour Remedial Salesperson Qualifying courses scheduled. Please visit: Online Courses page