7.5 hour: It's a Deal...Now What? Lifeline of a Transaction

OFFERS - Components of written offers via NYS Law ; Multiple Offers - Fiduciary Responsibility; Accepted Offer; Offers received after accepted offer, procuring cause YOU HAVE A DEAL ¿ Engage experienced NYC real estate attorney; Deal Sheet / Transaction Sheet ¿ summary of the deal; Broker responsibilities; Mortgage documents; What is Attorney role? Name attorney TBD handle this section; Seller¿s attorney to generate contract and Seller¿s rider(s); Broker¿s role during contract negotiations; Schedule Closing: Who schedules ¿ attorney for Seller; Closing postponement ¿ what is permitted; Mortgage commitment expiration ¿ how to advise buyer

Date: Wednesday May 03, 2017
Time: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Location: 570 Lexington Avenue-51st Street
Tuition: Member: $40.00
Non-Member: $70.00

*Approved for NYS Continuing Education