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Data Governance

Data Governance

Through members’ adherence to the Code of Ethics and the Universal Co-brokerage Agreement, REBNY provides fair treatment for all licensees participating in a transaction and protects the interests of buyers and sellers.

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The UCBA is the policy document that details listing selling and leasing procedures, data compliance policy, and compensation.


Code of Ethics

Members and affiliates are subject to a Code of Ethics. The Code clarifies licensees' responsibilities to their colleagues and public.

Ethics Course

All REBNY members are required to complete a mandatory Ethics course specifically tailored for their Membership Division. All Residential Brokerage members are required to complete this course in order to be eligible for access to the RLS and incremental RLS features. Broker A's need to complete the course prior to activating RLS access for their firm. All other Residential Brokerage members must take this course within 90 days of joining REBNY, and existing Residential Brokerage members who have not completed this requirement must complete the course as soon as possible or risk losing RLS access. This course does not satisfy NYS continuing education (CE) requirements for Ethics; no CE hours will be provided for this course as it is a contingency of REBNY membership and not associated with licensing requirements of New York State. REBNY also offers a 2.5 hour course called "Rules of the Road: Ethical Business Practices and Co-Brokering in New York State." This course awards DOS-approved Continuing Education credits in Ethics and also satisfies the mandatory ethics training for participation with the RLS.

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