REBNY Commercial Crossfire Sheds Light on Top Brokers’ Insight

Industry leaders Mitch Konsker of Jones Lang LaSalle,

Tara Stacom and Dale Schlather of Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. discuss what it takes to get to the top…and stay there

Joseph A. Grotto of Cassidy Turley moderates


NEW YORK, November 5, 2013 – Top brokers discussed what it takes to break through in the real industry at The Real Estate Board of New York’s (REBNY) Commercial Crossfire on Tuesday. Sponsored by the New York Post and REBNY’s Commercial Board of Directors, the panel included Mitch Konsker, Vice Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle; Tara Stacom, Executive Vice Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.; and Dale Schlather, Vice Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. Joseph A. Grotto, REBNY Commercial Board of Directors and Senior Managing Director/Principal of Cassidy Turley served as the moderator.

The first focus of the discussion turned to the idea of mentorship, a theme echoed throughout the crossfire. Stacom stressed the importance of finding a mentor early on to learn the business from and grow with. Starting off as an analyst at Cushman Realty, Schlather had learned the ropes from John Cushman. Both Konsker and Stacom are actively involved in mentoring students through the real estate programs at their alma mater schools, Syracuse University and Lehigh University, respectively.

Active involvement in industry organizations, such as REBNY, was noted as key to getting ahead in the business. Schlather revealed that 75 percent of his business comes through relationships he has built through CoreNet Global. Stacom expanded on this explaining that brokers trade on information at events hosted by REBNY and other groups, which help them to excel in this business.

Next, the panel discussed how to keep up with the expectations of clients and effectively manage time. All agreed that it is necessary to reach out to colleagues and other departments to utilize their diverse skill sets as resources to meet and exceed client demands. Multitasking, delegating and staying informed about the industry were identified as key factors for staying ahead.

“Understanding this market is a full-time job,” Schlather stated.

Prompted by a question from the audience, the panelists dished on their secrets for maintaining broker teams. “You have to take away the ego. Ego is divisive and causes team members to look through a narrow window,” Konsker said. He continued to explain that younger members, especially, have to feel that they are acknowledged and are a part of the team.

Calling out to young talent, the discussion closed with the panel identifying what they look for in prospective new hires. Schlather explained that he looks for candidates that are driven, attentive and honest. “You can teach real estate, but you can’t teach character,” he said.

Stacom added how she looks for candidates that have a strong basis of knowledge in real estate, similar to the one that Lehigh University provides through their real estate program.

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