One Year Later, RLS Syndication Continues to Grow

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John Banks: One Year In, REBNY’s RLS Syndication A Success

The launch of Syndication at the end of last summer empowered REBNY brokers and salespersons to send residential listings via the RLS to a growing network of local, national, and international consumer websites, centralizing listing data through a single feed. It’s clear from the data that Syndication has been a success...The biggest winner of this program, though, has been the consumer. There are more listings across a wider network and those listings are all consistent thanks to the new consolidated process. 



Douglas Wagner: How Broker Collaboration Helps Consumers

While New York brokerage firms had been co-brokering exclusive properties for almost two decades without a centralized listing system, the process has never been better organized or more efficient than it is today with RLS Syndication. As a result, the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between many brokerage firms is at an all-time high...Our Real Estate Board has become a community where, although we compete amongst ourselves, the level of cooperation has risen to a historic apex, which benefits our members, home-seekers, and the public like never before. 


Douglas Wagner has been a leading manager in the residential real estate industry in NYC for more than two decades. As Director of Brokerage Services at BOND New York, he supervises the company’s new development marketing, sales, rentals, education and compliance. As a member of REBNY’s Residential Board of Directors, he is active in the development of the RLS and serves as a champion of the rental market in developing REBNY’s best practices and agreements.