RLS Syndication Rollout: August 2017

After two years of careful planning, August 1st, 2017 commences the rollout of the new listing syndication provided by the REBNY Residential Listing Service (RLS) to participating member firms and agents. This new service is an ongoing effort that will broaden the landscape of listing platforms available in New York City, and will expand over time.

Syndication through the RLS provides technology that allows salespersons and brokers to easily send residential real estate listings to a powerful network of public real estate listing websites through a centralized, single feed. This service, supported by ongoing customer support through the RLS Help Desk and a new RLS homepage, is offered to all RLS participants at no additional cost regardless of listing volume. No new agreement with the RLS is required for participation.


Brokers and Brokerages that opt into syndication will have complete control to select which local, national, and international public real estate listing websites their firm’s listings will be syndicated to.

Salespersons do not have to do anything differently. Salespersons:

  • Will continue to upload listing information in your firm’s chosen listing system
  • May choose to exclude an individual listing from syndication (e.g., a private listing) by using the same method used today to exclude a listing from IDX distribution in your listing system

All RLS Participants should view the new RLS homepage RLSNY.com. Participants should:

  • Watch the video that explains the benefits of syndication
  • Click the “Syndication” tab and read the FAQ
  • Check back for syndication announcements, resources, and information on RLS initiatives

During the ongoing rollout and expansion of syndication, more public real estate listing websites, as well as additional services and products focused on innovation in real estate technology, will be added to the palette of options that brokers can select to increase listing visibility. RLS participants will be notified when new public listing websites join our syndication network so they can continue their opt-in process on an ongoing basis.

We are pleased to initiate syndication through the RLS as part of our deep commitment to providing REBNY members with the best resources to conduct business. Our ongoing efforts to broaden the reach of New York City’s most accurate and consistent residential real estate listing information is a benefit not only to our members and industry, but to consumers as well.




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Whether it be firms, brokers, salespersons, consumers, or listing websites, Syndication is a service that will benefit every stakeholder in New York City’s real estate industry for years to come.


The following real estate websites have signed direct agreements with REBNY to receive the Residential Listing Service's (RLS) newly launched, centralized syndication feed:

As part of these new relationships, RLS brokerage firms, comprising more than 12,860 agents, will have the option to display their residential listings on these sites and their apps.