RLS Syndication Update: July 2017

We are pleased to announce that on August 1st, we will begin to offer listing syndication through the REBNY Residential Listing Service (RLS). Syndication is a combination of two years of diligent work and careful planning.

Currently, firms send their listings to other brokerages and public real estate listing websites through multiple feeds.  Not only is this inefficient, but it has fragmented firms’ abilities to keep data accurate and consistent across the industry.  Centralizing listing data through REBNY will help solve this problem.

Syndication through the RLS is designed to make real estate co-broking and marketing more efficient by providing technology that allows real estate salespeople and brokers to easily send listings to each other, and to a powerful network of more than 200 public real estate listing websites.

What’s in it for participating RLS members?


  • Eliminates stale listings:  the common challenge of stale and inaccurate information will be alleviated
  • Increases RLS listing visibility through a network of more than 200 public real estate listing websites
  • Engages consumers with the most accurate and consistent information available
  • Improves data quality and minimizes RLS firm’s compliance overhead costs
  • Helps to centralize the simultaneous sharing of listings between all participating brokerage firms and public real estate listing websites
  • Serves as the leading source of New York City real estate listing information
  • Provides firms and agents with one-stop troubleshooting and a dedicated help center

All firms participating in the RLS may opt in to RLS syndication at no additional cost regardless of listing volume.

As New York City’s premier real estate trade association, we are deeply committed to providing the best resources to conduct business, and providing consumers with the most accurate and consistent listings to inform their real estate decisions. 


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