Gas Safety Bills Enforcement Dates for Building Owners and Managers


The City has begun enforce the Council’s gas safety legislation passed at the end of 2016. For more information on enforcement dates of each individual local law see below.

Local Laws:

1.      Intro No. 1090-A (Local Law 153 of 2016). Effective June 4, 2017.

Requires owners of multiple dwellings, in addition to owners of 1-2 family homes to post an emergency checklist containing suggested next steps for suspected gas leaks. The sign must be prominently displayed and must be provided at the time of a lease signing.



2.      Intro No. 1088-A (Local Law 152 of 2016). Effective January 1, 2019.

Requires owners, except in R-3 occupancy group, to submit periodic inspection reports (once every 5 years) of gas piping systems to the Department of Buildings (DoB) to ensure there are no gas leaks. Inspections must be performed by a licensed master or individual under their direct supervision. The inspector shall correct and certify that unsafe conditions were corrected. 

3.      Intro No. 1093-A (Local Law 154 of 2016). Effective March 8, 2017.

Requires gas service operators and owners to notify DoB when gas service has been shut off and not restored due to safety concerns within 24 hours.

4.      Intro No. 1102 (Local Law 159 of 2016) – Effective June 19, 2017.

violations relating to (1) supplying, installing or shutting off gas flow without a certificate of approval from DoB permit, (2) operating an altered or newly-installed gas piping system without first notifying the utility company, and (3) operating an altered or newly-installed gas piping system without first completing a compliance inspection to ensure against leakage.

5.      Intro No. 1079-A (Local Law 151 of 2016) – Effective January 1, 2018.

Except by DOB Commissioner order, a new gas piping systems must receive a final inspection by the DOB in the presence of the permit holder, the registered design professional of record or the superintendent of construction.

6.      Intro No. 738-A (Local Law 150 of 2016) –  Effective January 1, 2020.

Individuals performing work on gas piping systems must either 1) be licensed master plumbers, 2) hold a gas qualification, or 3) hold limited gas qualification to perform work under the supervision of a gas qualification holder. 

7.      Intro 1100-A (Local Law 157 of 2016) – Effective May 1 of the first year that commences after the Department of Buildings (DoB) adopts rules for smoke and gas detecting devices.

The DoB will promulgate standard(s) for natural gas detectors. Owners and occupants of Class A and Class B multiple dwellings, in addition to 1-2 family homes shall be required to comply such standards in the installation and maintenance of natural gas detectors.