New York City Is Already At Its 2020 Population Forecast

The new Census estimates show New York City’s population swelling to 8,491,079 people, a 52,700-person increase from the 2013 estimates (which were also revised upwards, or the increase would have been an even larger 85,242 people). Those numbers are up from a 2010 Census baseline of 8,175,133 people.

But regardless of whether the 2010 number is correct, the latest estimates pose a problem for city planners, as the new 2014 number falls just under 60,000 people shy of the previous 2020 projection, of 8,550,971 people.

If the previous year’s increase of 52,700 people is matched in 2015 — and given construction permits, an even larger jump this year would not be surprising — New York’s population will pass the 2020 estimates within the year, if it has not already.

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