5 steps to revive our industrial waterfront

As the innovation economy grows globally and locally, and with the de Blasio administration preparing to unveil its industrial policy in the coming weeks, we need to determine how to best nurture and enhance this manufacturing-based economy. To drive growth, there are five factors to consider as we look to redevelop the areas where this economy thrives: the industrial waterfront.

First, we must better prepare the local workforce. To truly benefit the people of Brooklyn and New York City, it's imperative that we ready them to participate in this new economy. This will require increasing STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) in public schools, renewing a focus on trade schools, and working with the private sector to establish local job centers that offer training and job placement. Given that these jobs pay 30% to 50% more than their service-sector counterparts and offer greater wage mobility, this could make the difference between a maker bubble and a maker movement.

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