DAILY NEWS --In State of the City, Mayor de Blasio vows to attack income inequality, give 'fair shot' to all

De Blasio's speech Monday stuck to a 'progressive' agenda, with the mayor calling for the city to set its own minimum wage, as well as proposing ID cards for undocumented New Yorkers and more job-training programs. The mayor also continued to push his proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund universal pre-K.

Turning his first State of the City speech into a liberal call to arms, Mayor de Blasio on Monday vowed to use government to attack income inequality so all New Yorkers have a “fair shot at a better life.”

He called for expanding “living wage” laws, providing ID cards to New Yorkers living in the U.S. illegally, improving job training and career-prep programs and raising taxes on the rich to pay for universal prekindergarten.

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