Ladders For Leaders Supporting Next Generation of Talent

As New York’s real estate industry makes incredible strides today, we must also remain focused on finding and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Bringing in hard-working young adults and helping them explore and develop their talent is a priority for REBNY because it helps to ensure a bright future for our industry.

That is why REBNY is proud to again participate in the Ladders for Leaders program, which is operated by the city’s Department of Youth and Community Development and supported by the Center for Youth Employment and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.

It is also why I am hoping to see even more REBNY members participate in the program this year.

Ladders for Leaders is a summer program that connects high-performing public high school and college students to various industries – including real estate – through paid, six-week internships with companies across the city.

The program has been hugely successful in giving young people skills to excel in a fast-changing workforce while also helping companies fill talent gaps and discover new potential.

All applicants are carefully screened to determine eligibility and career interests, and provided with up to 30 hours of training, as well as resume writing and interviewing skills. That means real estate companies can make sure they are identifying and attracting the most industrious and capable young people.  One of the most exciting things about Ladders for Leaders is that it is growing quickly while continuing to generate great results.

Last year, 1,538 students received internships through the program, up from 1,305 in 2015 – nearly a 20 percent increase. The number of employers participating in the program last year also rose to 475, compared to 191 in 2015.

The program has also done an excellent job of promoting diversity in the workplace, which is another REBNY priority.

Around 34 percent of the students enrolled last year were Asian, 30 percent were black and 17 percent were Hispanic. Around two-thirds of all those young people were women.

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm about the success of this program and I expect that to continue this year. In 2016, virtually every single employer and student said they had a positive experience with Ladders for Leaders.

However, despite its rapid growth, Ladders for Leaders still needs more employers to participate this year in order to meet the demand. There were a total of 6,115
applicants last year, meaning that around three out of four were not placed in an internship.

I strongly urge all REBNY members and New York City companies to learn more about Ladders for Leaders and find ways in which their company can participate in this impactful program.

We can only continue the success of this effort if more companies join in to expand its reach and bring more young people into the fold.

Other funders and partners of Ladders for Leaders include Time Warner, Hearst, Discovery Communications, Pearson, CBS, Citi Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Guardian, the Council of Fashion Designer of America, NYC & Company, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

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