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The Real Estate Board Library contains scores of professional journals, periodicals and reports on industry topics in the largest such collection of any New York City trade association. The library also contains up-to-date computerized ownership and mortgage information files on all properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, as well as assessed valuation listings and current property maps for every parcel in the city.

Exclusive access to this invaluable fund of information is available free of charge to REBNY members whether they visit the library in person or online. For a modest fee, the Board provides members with valuable customized reports from information contained in the database.

The Board does not compete with its members for appraisal business. However in certain circumstances, it provides appraisal services to those who send a written request to the President of the Board.

The Board provides mediation when necessary to settle disputes whether between members, between members and their firms or between members and non-members.

A qualified mediator that is acceptable to both parties will handle the mediation. Once the parties reach an agreement, it is put in writing. Should an agreement not occur, the parties may submit to binding arbitration.

The REBNY Legal Line is a service that provides free legal advice from REBNY's Broker Counsel Neil Garfinkel, one of New York’s leading experts in brokerage and real estate law to all REBNY members.

Call 212-201-1178.
Have your REBNY membership number handy, it is required for service.

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Contact RLS support at or 212-616-5270.

REBNY's Residential Listing Service (RLS) is a sharing of listings available to all REBNY firms that are members of the Residential Brokerage Division and non-member firms that receive revenue from the residential sale or rental of residential property located in the jurisdictions authorized by the Residential Board of Directors. The Universal Co-Brokerage Agreement is the policy document which all members agree to abide.

The RLS is also available to firms that are not members of REBNY.  

Become an RLS Syndication Partner: Partnering with the RLS offers real estate technology providers with unprecedented ease of entry into the New York City market.

The REBNY Property Database is a searchable web-based tool containing information on every property in New York City.  Searching for properties in the database can be done by entering addresses, blocks and lots, neighborhoods, and other identifiers.  Records for individual properties include such things as recent sales, ownership, zoning, taxes, physical characteristics and more.  The data is sourced directly from the New York City Department of Finance and is updated monthly. 


REBNY provides ongoing research on the New York City Real Estate industry. Our research includes Quarterly Residential Sales Reports, Biannual Investment Sales Reports, Quarterly Broker Confidence Indexes, Manhattan and Brooklyn Retail Reports, and Quarterly New Building Construction Pipeline Reports. For more information about REBNY research reports, visit

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