The Young Real Estate Professional of the Year Award

The "Young Real Estate Professional of the Year" award is presented by the Young Men's/Women's Real Estate Association each year to a member whose knowledge, skills, integrity, and high degree of ethics has contributed most to his or her profession and the community.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2020:  Robin L. Fisher 
2019:  Alex Bernstein 
2018:  Ronald T. LoRusso 
2017:  Lindsay Ornstein 
2016:  Steven H Marvin 
2015:  Glen J. Weiss 
2014:  Rob Fink 
2013:  William Montana 
2012:  David E. Green 
2011:  David Brause 
2009:  Todd E Korren 
2008:  Joseph A. Grotto, Jr. 
2007:  Gregg L. Schenker 
2006:  Vincent Terranova 
2005:  Gary Trock 
2003:  Mitchell Arkin 
2002:  Mark Lauzon 
2001:  Brian S. Waterman 
2000:  David J. Koeppel 
1999:  Bradley P. Gerla 
1998:  Nicola M. Heryet 
1997:  Amit Liebersohn 
1996:  Caleb D. Koeppel 
1993:  Leslie Harwood 
1992:  Barry M. Gosin, Mitchell E. Rudin