The Retail Deal of the Year Award

The Retail Committee inaugurated two annual awards in 1999 that honor REBNY members most inventive and noteworthy New York City retail deals of the previous year. There are two awards in total. One is for the most ingenious and creative retail deal that demonstrates exceptional broker acumen; the second will highlight the Most Impactful Retail Deal of the Year which recognizes a transaction likely to have the greatest impact on a particular retail submarket, industry, specific development project or New York City’s landscape as a whole. The award is presented at the Retail Committee's Annual Cocktail Party.

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Hear from one of our 2019 award winners, Michael Remer, on why you should submit one of your 2020 deals to be in the running for this year's contest.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2019:  Peter Braus, Richard Hodos, Michael Remer, Joel Stephen 
2018:  Ross Kaplan, Frederick Kemerling, Joseph Mastromonaco, Jeffrey Roseman, Jaclyn Totolo, Peter Whitenack, Scott Zinovoy 
2017:  Benjamin Birnbaum, Robert Gibson, Matthew Ogle, Kenji Ota, Neil Seth, Patrick Smith, Corey Zolcinski 
2016:  Kenji Ota, Joanne Podell 
2015:  NEIL GOLDMACHER, Nathan Gelber, Brian Goldman 
2014:  James Downey, Mark Kapnick, Eric LeGoff, Frank Liantonio, Matthew Ogle, Michael Rotchford, Patrick Smith, Corey Zolcinski 
2013:  Richard Hodos, Peter Ripka 
2012:  Jacqueline Klinger, David LaPierre, Chase Welles 
2011:  Scott Bloom, Charles Bradley Mendelson, Alan Schmerzler 
2010:  Robin Abrams, Gary Alterman, Howard G Dolch, Robert Futterman, Ariel Schuster 
2009:  Robert Futterman, Peter Ripka 
2008:  Harry Blair, James Downey, Clifford Molloy, Gene Spiegelman 
2007:  David Falk, Hugh Kelly, Marc Leber, Jeffrey Roseman, Stephen Schofel, Patrick Smith, Jeffrey Winick 
2006:  Matthew Chmielecki, Christine Emery, Nathan Gelber, Andrew Goldberg, Joel Isaacs, Stephen Siegel 
2005:  Karen Bellantoni, Robert Futterman, James Kuhn, Chase Welles, Amira Yunis 
2004:  Patrick Smith, Robert Taylor, Chase Welles 
2003:  Paul Berkman, Peter Cirlin, Christopher Mongeluzo, Jeffrey Roseman, Steven Schwartz, Bruce Shepard, Moshe Sukenik 
2002:  Susan Kurland, Elliot Resnick, Peter Ripka 
2001:  Joel G Burris, Nathan Gelber, Andrew Goldberg, Gene Spiegelman, Mary Ann Tighe 
2000:  Robert Futterman, David Green, David LaPierre, Charles Bradley Mendelson, Joanne Podell 
1999:  Susan Kurland, BRUCE MOSLER, Stuart Lee Morden, Jeffrey Roseman 
1998:  Stephen Asch, Stephen Asch, Beth Robin Greenwald, Beth Robin Greenwald, Joanne Podell, Joanne Podell, Jeffrey Roseman, Jeffrey Roseman