The Residential Brokerage Rookie of the Year Award

The Residential Brokerage Division created this award in 1998 to recognize new REBNY members excelling in the industry. Criteria for the award include sound moral character, high ethical professional behavior, excellent leadership, meaningful roles in deals, and significant contributions to the firm's success. The award is presented at the Residential Brokerage Division's Annual Deal of the Year Charity & Awards Gala.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2020:  Manuel Fueyo 
2019:  Margaret Simmons 
2018:  Shan Chowdhury 
2017:  Matt Martin 
2016:  Mirza Avdovic 
2015:  Tamara Abir 
2014:  Antony Bitar 
2013:  Vincent Smith 
2012:  Elise Ehrlich 
2011:  Sarah R Williams 
2010:  Roger Gillen 
2009:  Renee Fishman 
2008:  Ari Harkov 
2006:  Julie Pham 
2005:  Edward Johnston 
2004:  Kyle Blackmon 
2003:  Timothy Melzer 
2001:  Vickey Barron 
1998:  Vasco M DaSilva