The Most Promising Commercial Salesperson of the Year Award

In 1966, The Real Estate Board inaugurated a major award to honor the industry's most promising newcomers. Created by the Commercial Brokerage Division's Board of Directors, the REBNY Most Promising Commercial Salesperson of the Year Award recognizes current and potential professional achievement as well as "high moral character and ethical professional behavior." This prize is annually presented at the Spring Members' Luncheon.

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Learn more about the benefits of this award for new CRE professionals from our 2018 winners Lauren Calandriello and Will Conrad.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2020:  Mitchel Flaherty 
2019:  Zachary Redding 
2018:  Lauren Calandriello, Will Conrad 
2017:  Evan Fiddle 
2016:  Hayley S. Shoener 
2015:  Morris Betesh 
2014:  Gabriel Marans 
2013:  Jason Greenstone 
2012:  Stephen C. Winter 
2011:  Adam B. Frazier 
2010:  Andrew Ackerman 
2009:  William Clark Finney 
2008:  Robin L. Fisher 
2007:  Peter B Schubert 
2006:  Randy Modell 
2005:  Jamie S. Katcher 
2004:  Danielle I. Zimbaro 
2003:  Patrick C Hanlon 
2002:  James P Nelson 
2001:  Russell Schildkraut 
2000:  Ephraim Robert Eisenberg, Sloane W. Rhulen 
1999:  Eric Michael Anton 
1998:  Brian Goldman 
1997:  Nathaniel C. Rockett 
1996:  Simon Ziff