The Henry Forster Award

Annually a real estate professional whose outstanding record of achievement and conduct-both within the industry and in the community is chosen and awarded the Henry Forster Award. The award is given to a member of the profession whose career accomplishment brings credit to the residential brokerage community. The winner is announced at the Residential Brokerage Division's Deal of the Year Gala each Fall.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2020:  Mary K. Rutherfurd 
2018:  Steven O. Goldschmidt 
2017:  Elaine R Deangelis 
2016:  Ruth McCoy 
2015:  Corinne Pulitzer 
2012:  Stephen G. Kliegerman 
2011:  Sharon E. Baum 
2008:  John N Wollberg 
2007:  Diane M Ramirez 
2004:  Helene Fields 
2001:  Brenda Hersh 
1998:  Steven L. James 
1997:  Barbara S Fox 
1996:  Frederick Peters 
1995:  Elizabeth F. Stribling 
1993:  Hall F. Willkie