The George M. Brooker Management Executive of the Year Award

The Management Division created this award in 1976 to recognize accomplished individuals within the management area. Winners display outstanding professionalism in property management, civic achievement and contribution to the real estate industry. Named for its first recipient, a past Vice President of the Management Division, the award is presented yearly at REBNY's Annual Banquet.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2021:  Kevin McCann 
2020:  Hank Celestino 
2019:  Bernard Warren 
2018:  Eugene Boniberger 
2017:  William R. Dacunto 
2016:  Edward V. Piccinich 
2015:  Daniel M. Kindbergh 
2014:  Thomas L. Hill 
2013:  Richard Concannon 
2012:  Gerard V. Schumm 
2011:  Frank A. Freda 
2010:  Ralph J. DiRuggiero 
2009:  James H. Farley 
2008:  Gaston Silva 
2007:  Jeff Brodsky 
2006:  Michael Norton 
2005:  Gregg A. Popkin 
2004:  Matthew Duthie 
2003:  Terence M. Whalen 
2002:  Chi K. Chu 
2001:  Morris Wiesenberg 
2000:  John Santora 
1999:  John T. Griffin 
1998:  Hannah Nakhshab 
1997:  Howard Schusterman 
1996:  Joseph Pellegrino 
1995:  John J. Whalen 
1994:  Michael M. Downey 
1993:  Michael J. McCambridge 
1992:  Peter L. DiCapua 
1991:  Carl Borsari 
1990:  Allan Bisk 
1989:  Kenneth A. Shearer 
1988:  Norman M. Buchbinder 
1987:  Thomas C. Baxter 
1986:  Adriaan J. Holt 
1985:  George Lillie 
1984:  John H. K. Belt 
1983:  Edward A. Riguardi 
1982:  Francis G. Waldron 
1981:  Charles C. Quinn 
1980:  Irwin Gumley 
1979:  James Early 
1978:  Howard Sonn 
1977:  George M. Brooker