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RLS Compliance



Our team processes hundreds of tickets per week to ensure RLS data is trustworthy and reliable. To avoid fines on RLS Compliance Policy Violations, always take immediate action. Correct the violation as soon as you receive the first notice!

Important Tip: Add and to your safe senders list so you never miss a notification from the RLS.


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If a REBNY member finds that another REBNY member is violating the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices, she may file a complaint that will be reviewed the Committee of Ethics and Professional Practices or a sub-committee thereof. In instances where provisions of the UCBA are violated involving RLS Compliance, complaints will be referred to the RLS Compliance Panel and may be further referred to a panel of members from the Residential Board of Directors and select Broker As.

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Most Common Violations


Missing Listing

Listings cannot be advertised on third-party platforms without already being entered to the RLS


Incorrect Status

RLS Listings found to have incorrect data are in violations of the RLS Listing Data Compliance Policy


Personal Information

RLS Listings cannot have personal information (including URL links to such information) in the property description, floorplans, photographs and/or comments.


Violations of RLS and Listings Data Compliance Policy

Failure to submit Listing Information accurately, currently, and timely, as required by the RLS will invoke a violation. The RLS is only as good as its data, so it is important that members are doing their part to implement accurate and quality data into the RLS. Please visit the “RLS Listing Data Compliance Policy” in Exhibit C of the UCBA to get a full overview on how to correctly enter a Listing. Members should correct the violation within 3 business days of notice.