Rent Stabilized Units In Landmark Districts

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This analysis was conducted to examine the frequent assertion(1) that landmarking helps preserve existing affordable housing. It is based on data that recently became publicly available that provides a snapshot of the number of rent-stabilized units in 2007 and again in 2014. 

Contrary to statements made by advocates(2), affordable housing is not preserved at higher levels in NYC’s historic districts. The data shows that properties located within New York City’s historic districts showed a greater net loss(3) of rent regulated apartments than those located in non-landmarked parts of the City. 

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1 Anuta, Joe. “Preservationists say REBNY’s wrong on landmarks.” Crain’s New York Business. 28 Oct 2013 

2 Berman, Andrew. “Op-Ed: Preservation Can Contribute to Affordability.” Gotham Gazette. 06 Aug 2013 

3 All of the decreases in the number of rent-regulated units discussed in the report are net decreases.