New York City’s RETech Thought Leaders Talk Innovation at REBNY and MetaProp’s First NYC RETech Expo

NYC RETech Expo 2016 Group Photo - Newsroom
(From L-R) Aaron Block, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MetaProp NYC; Marshall Cox, Founder & CEO, Radiator Labs; Kate Daly, Senior Vice President for Industry Transformation Teams at NYCEDC; Ryan Baxter, Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs, Management Services and Government Affairs, REBNY; Woody Heller, Executive Managing Director and group head of the Capital Transactions Group at Savills Studley; and Fotis Merakos, President, Clean Cube.

REBNY Members Hear from Wide Range of RETech Experts

on Tech Innovation, Sustainability for Earth Day

Innovative real estate technology (RETech) companies joined real estate and New York City Economic Development Corporation speakers at the first NYC RETech Expo, hosted by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), and MetaProp NYC, the world’s premier real estate technology nexus and RETech accelerator.

Held yesterday at the Mendik Education Center in REBNY’s Midtown headquarters, the all-day expo featured some of the newest developments in RETech and the most innovative ideas that aid sustainability across the real estate value chain.

Presenters at the NYC RETech Expo included: Kate Daly, Senior Vice President, NYCEDC; John Gilbert, Executive Vice President of Rudin Management Company; Ryan Coon, Co-Founder of Rentalutions; Marshall Cox, CEO of Radiator Labs; Fotis Merakos, President of Clean Cube; Eddie Kreinik, Vice President, and Rick Weinstein, Manager/Sales at Panasonic MagicInk; Ross Goldenberg, Co-CEO of SiteCompli, and Mark Schroeder, Director, New Construction Sales at thyssenkrupp.

“RETech is a fundamental component of the future of the real estate industry as new innovation fuels our ability to develop and operate buildings smarter and more efficiently,” said John H. Banks, III, REBNY President. “We thank all the presenters and MetaProp NYC for sharing their expertise with our members and driving the advancement of this important sector.”

“REBNY continues to demonstrate leadership in the local RETech community,” said Aaron Block, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MetaProp NYC. “The NYC RETech Expo 2016 participants are some of the best and brightest in our space and this event was a great opportunity to help share their expertise with REBNY’s membership.”

“There are tremendous opportunities for innovation in the real estate tech sector in New York City,” said Ms. Daly, NYCEDC. “As we develop the next phase of our robust and growing tech ecosystem, we look forward to working with REBNY and Metaprop NYC to make sure that the biggest real-estate capital in the world is also the world’s smartest.” ‎

“NYC buildings deserve an operating system that integrates the subsystem data we currently collect, remembers this data, learns from it and then makes it actionable,” said Mr. Gilbert, Rudin Management Company. “Our Prescriptive Data’s NantumOS accomplishes this and more, and we were pleased to share the achievements we’ve made with this technology at the NYC RETech Expo.”

“REBNY and MetaProp NYC are doing a great job in building awareness of RETech innovation that produces sustainable efficiencies and savings across the real estate value chain, including how Rentalutions has transformed apartment advertising and management,” said Mr. Coon.

"Radiator Labs created a powerful everyday technology that greatly improves sustainability for landlords and tenants by eliminating overheating in steam-heated buildings," said Mr. Cox. "The REBNY-MetaProp NYC event gave us an opportunity to educate a wide swath of the real estate community about our system, which includes the "Cozy," a low-cost, smart radiator cover that reduces heating costs by 25-35%, while granting temperature control to management and tenants for the first time in buildings of this type."

“Space is scarce in our growing cities. Our innovative elevator designs are focused on moving more people and consuming less of a building’s footprint. We currently have the ability to safely and reliably allow for multiple elevators to operate independently in the same hoist way,” said Mr. Schroeder, thyssenkrupp. “But our city governments must adopt codes to permit the installation of these new technologies that will preserve space, more efficiently move people and increase value for property owners.”

SiteCompli was thrilled to participate in the NYC RETech Expo,” said Mr. Goldenberg. “In just a few short years, the SiteCompli platform has fundamentally changed the way New York City building owners manage and operate their investments, saving them significant time and money. We welcomed this opportunity to share some of our industry best practices with the REBNY community.”

“We were very happy to speak about the latest trends in residential amenities, how we followed them to develop our product, and what real estate professionals should be looking for in order to spot the next big thing,” said Mr. Merakos, Clean Cube. “Our high-end, smart-storage system for urban lobbies seamlessly performs the concierge services of a doorman, from laundry services to package delivery, and serves as a value add for tenants and landlords.”

“I represent everyone at Panasonic when I say how grateful we are to be able to discuss in front of this illustrious group of real estate professionals the technological advances available today to enhance the real estate selling experience,” said Mr. Weinstein, Panasonic MagicInk.

MetaProp NYC

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