The Sales Brokers Most Ingenious Deal of the Year Award

This member contest was conceived in 1944 by William J. Brede, the Legislative Representative of REBNY's Sales Brokers Committee. Winners of the Most Ingenious Deal of the Year Award have historically demonstrated resourcefulness and originality in solving difficult problems in property negotiation; they prove that brokers are not intermediaries, but driving forces whose works shape the city.

In 1991 this award was renamed "The Henry Hart Rice Achievement Award" in honor of a four-time winner. A second-place award, "The Robert T. Lawrence Award", was created in 1983 in memory of a member. Finally, "The Edward S. Gordon Award", named for a respected leader of the commercial brokerage community, was established in 2005 as the third-place award.

Each commercial discipline (Sales, Financing and Leasing) can submit an entry. Each discipline must have a minimum of three competing deals for recognition in their respective discipline. It is presented at the Sales Brokers Committee's Annual Cocktail Party.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2016:  David M. Carlos, Michael G. Geoghegan, Michael R. Laginestra, Kathleen McSharry, Ira Schuman, Scott A. Singer 
2015:  Lauren Crowley, Justin DiMare, Alan D. Goodkin, Howard J. Kesseler, Jr., Gregory A. Tosko, Mark S. Weiss, Sacha M Zarba 
2014:  David M. Carlos, Howard S. Fiddle, Bradley P. Gerla, Paul Leibowitz, Ira Schuman, William Shanahan, Darcy A. Stacom 
2013:  David A. Green, Caroline McLain, Mark Myers Mermel, Mary Ann Tighe, Gregory A. Tosko 
2012:  Romel Canete, Barry M. Gosin, Helen Hwang, Jeffrey C. Moroch, Nathaniel C. Rockett, Scott A. Singer, Brian S. Waterman 
2011:  Paul A. Gillen, Michael M. Rotchford, William Shanahan, Tara I. Stacom, Darcy A. Stacom, Mary Ann Tighe, Gregory A. Tosko 
2010:  Robert Eisenberg, Barry M. Gosin, David L. Noonan, Jennifer Schwartzman, William Shanahan, Darcy A. Stacom, Mark S. Weiss 
2009:  Eric G. Deutsch, Daniel O. Horowitz, Kenneth J. Meyerson, Michael M. Rotchford, Ira Schuman 
2008:  Paul N. Glickman, Mitchell Konsker, Shawn Rosenthal, William Shanahan, Darcy A. Stacom 
2007:  Kathleen McSharry, David L. Noonan, Andrew J. Singer, Moshe M. Sukenik, Mary Ann Tighe, Gregory A. Tosko 
2006:  Clinton W. Blume, Jr., Woody Heller, Kathleen McSharry, Howard K. Nottingham, Andrew J. Singer 
2005:  Mitchell Arkin, Brian Gell, John S. Gray, Patrick C. Hanlon, Gershon Kamenetsky, Moshe M. Sukenik, Mark S. Weiss, Simon Ziff 
2004:  Adam H. Foster, Richard Karson, Kathleen McSharry, Joan Meixner, James A. Robbins, Stephen B. Siegel, Andrew J. Singer, Harly D Stevens 
2003:  Woody Heller, Robert A. Knakal, Stephen B. Siegel 
2002:  Mark P. Boisi, Dan Gronich, Nicola M. Heryet, Neil A. Lipinski, Robert D. Yaffa 
2001:  Timothy J. Dempsey, Robert A. Knakal, Mark J. Massey, Mary Ann Tighe, Gregory A. Tosko 
2000:  Robert Baraf, Eric S. Engelhardt, Howard S. Fiddle, Jason L. Gorman, Beth Mercante, John F. Powers, Gregory A. Tosko, Lynette Tulkoff, Martin Turchin 
1999:  Lawrence D. Ackman, John S. Gray, Amy McBride, John W. Moxley, Gordon Ogden, Stuart I. Romanoff, Robert Taylor, Joseph Thanhauser, III, Peter Van Duyne, Simon Ziff 
1998:  Joseph A. Cabrera, Barry M. Gosin, Bruce Elliot Mosler, Joseph J. Simone, Brian S. Waterman 
1997:  Leonard Di Micelli, Howard S. Fiddle, Jeffrey A. Lichtenberg, Edward E. Midgley, Carol Nelson, Mary Ann Tighe, Joel Israel Wechsler, Phillip R. Weiss 
1996:  David W. Levinson, Carol Nelson, Joseph Thanhauser, III, Mary Ann Tighe, Gregory A. Tosko, Bruce N. Weinberg 
1995:  Leonard Di Micelli, I. Keith Ellis, Michael R. Laginestra, Lewis Miller, Martin Turchin 
1994:  Scott L. Gottlieb, Joseph A. Grotto Sr., Joseph A. Grotto, Jr., Michael R. Laginestra, Martin Turchin 
1993:  Brian Ezratty, G. Tyson Maroon, Frank J. Steinegger 
1992:  Peter R. Friedman, Edward Goldman, Jeffrey A. Lichtenberg, Maria Morris, Carol Nelson, Mary Ann Tighe 
1991:  Brian R. Corcoran, Alan R. Goldberg, Dan Gronich, Joseph P. McCluskey Jr., James P. Stuckey 
1990:  John L. Dowling, Miriam Halpert, Jonathan S. Miller, Arthur L. Nelkin, Henry Hart Rice, Joseph Thanhauser, III, Martin Turley 
1989:  Miriam Halpert, Jonathan S. Miller, Peter E. Pattison, Joseph Thanhauser, III 
1988:  Michael Dailey, John L. Dowling, Peter E. Pattison, Joseph Thanhauser, III, Edward J. Weiss 
1987:  Henry Hart Rice, Marin Turchin 
1986:  Garrett R. Bowden, Dudley S. Nostrand, Richard W. Seeler, Robert I. Shapiro 
1985:  S. Donald Friedman, Peter E. Pattison, Vincent J. Peters, Marvin Rosenberg, Joseph Thanhauser, III 
1984:  Robert M. Kligerman, Jeffrey Rosenblatt, Mitchell S. Steir, Joseph Thanhauser, III 
1983:  Clinton W. Blume, Jr., Robert L. Freedman, A. Denny Gardiner, Jamie Rakoff 
1982:  William M. Lese 
1981:  Steven M. Levy, Richard W. Rosenthal, Louis Smadbeck 
1980:  S. Donald Friedman, Joseph E. O'Gara 
1979:  Henry A. Gallin, Edward S. Gordon, Henry Hart Rice, Arthur Rosenbloom 
1978:  Edward S. Gordon, Arthur Rosenbloom, Jack E. Sonnenblick, William H. Stern 
1977:  Jerry Lee Marcus, Edward J. Minskoff 
1976:  Barry M. Gosin, Harvey L. Richer 
1975:  Augustus A. DiRenzo, Lynn B. Goddess, Vincent J. Peters, Rchard W. Seeler 
1974:  Robert F. R. Ballard 
1973:  John L. Dowling 
1972:  Joseph A. Grotto, Stephen J. Riker 
1971:  Charles R. Borrok, Ian G.M. Brownlie, Jerry L. Cohen 
1970:  Ian G.M. Brownlie, Jerry L. Cohen, Richard W. Rosenthal, null null 
1969:  Henry Hart Rice 
1968:  Alan H. Polkes, Sidney Rosenthal 
1967:  James H. Biggart, Alan H. Polkes, Sidney Rosenthal 
1966:  David M. Baldwin 
1965:  Leon Casper 
1964:  Michael J. Hirshman 
1963:  Matthew J. Stacom 
1962:  Matthew J. Stacom 
1961:  Mandel E. Cohen, Peter Grimm 
1960:  Joseph F. Bernstein 
1959:  Anthony J. Peters 
1958:  Leon Pearce 
1957:  Henry Hart Rice 
1956:  Herbert F. Finney, Charles B. Silverman 
1955:  Cecil C. Simmons, Herbert Slepoy 
1954:  Anthony Peters, Leone J. Peters, Durand Taylor 
1953:  Herman Ackman, Peter Grimm, William M. Lese 
1952:  Arthur Collins, William M. Lese, Wylie F.L. Tuttle 
1951:  Alfred S. Friedman, H.B. Kavelin, Durand Taylor 
1950:  Herman Ackman 
1949:  S. Dudley Nostrand 
1948:  Charles F. Noyes  
1947:  H. Stanley Hillyer 
1946:  John A. Dunbar, H.Thornley Martin 
1945:  Samuel R. Firestone 
1944:  Gustave Ross