Rental -The Landlord, The Customer and You

A Best Practices Summary review of the Best Practices assembled by the REBNY Rental Committee in 2005 and made part of the Universal Co-Broke Agreement. This document was created by the Committee in order to elevate the consumer's experience when working with rental agents. It also provides agents with an ethical model against which to compare the way they do business and suggestions about how to improve their professional credibility when working with consumers.

  • A discussion of how we address challenging situations in rentals that may or may not be directly covered under Real Property Law. 
  • How can brokers provide clarity, always take the high road and still keep their deals on track to close?
  • A PRIMER from Application to Lease Signing.
  • The Eviction Process and Why It Impacts Landlords So Extremely
  • Also included would be a sample timeline for agents to understand the process of housing court, postponements, adjournments, stipulations for payment, and the actual marshal's eviction process.

Credit Hours: 7.5

Date(s): Wednesday November 13, 2019
Time: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
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