The Louis Smadbeck Memorial Broker Recognition Award

This member award was established in 1991 by REBNY's Commercial Brokerage Divisions; it honors a REBNY broker with personal and professional integrity, long-term leadership and prominence in the brokerage community and participation in REBNY's committees. Named for an exemplary broker who died shortly after being selected to receive it, the award is presented at REBNY's Annual Banquet.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2021:  Gregg Schenker 
2020:  Kevin Wang 
2019:  Ira Fishman 
2018:  Joanne Podell 
2017:  Peter Riguardi 
2016:  William Montana 
2015:  Peter Hauspurg 
2014:  Robin Abrams 
2013:  Warren Heller 
2012:  Simon Ziff 
2011:  Andrew Singer 
2010:  Robert Knakal 
2009:  Earle Altman 
2007:  Paul Massey, Jr. 
2006:  Eugene Hegy, Jr. 
2005:  Mary Ann Tighe 
2004:  Benjamin Fox 
2003:  Stephen Riker 
2002:  Norman Levy 
2001:  Bertram French 
2000:  Edward Gordon 
1999:  Aaron Gural 
1998:  Dan Gronich 
1997:  Julien Studley 
1996:  Jerry Cohen 
1995:  Raymond O'Keefe 
1994:  Stephen Siegel 
1993:  Joseph Grotto, Jr. 
1992:  Louis Smadbeck 
1991:  Richard Seeler