The Bernard H. Mendik Lifetime Leadership in Real Estate Award

This leadership award, first bestowed in 2003, is presented to REBNY members who have displayed exceptional service to the real estate industry and professional accomplishments over the course of distinguished careers.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2021:  Alan Wiener 
2020:  Jodi Smith Pulice 
2019:  Diane Ramirez 
2018:  Elizabeth Stribling 
2017:  MaryAnne Gilmartin 
2016:  Darcy Stacom, Tara Stacom 
2015:  William Rudin 
2014:  Stephen Green 
2013:  Donald Zucker 
2012:  Douglas Durst 
2011:  Leslie Himmel 
2010:  David Greenbaum 
2009:  Mary Ann Tighe 
2008:  Edward Riguardi 
2007:  Daniel Brodsky 
2006:  Steven Spinola 
2005:  Jerry Speyer 
2004:  Burton Resnick 
2003:  Leonard Litwin